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Wes Ouchi Speaks to CBS and KCAL9 About His Client's Blinding by Officers During an Arrest

This afternoon I spoke to CBS and KCAL9 regarding my Client's claim against the City of Hawthorne for blinding him in his right eye during an arrest. It is always great speaking to CBS and KCAL9 who do such a thorough job on their news segments!

In this post, I would like to briefly discuss some of the details of my Client's medical injuries, that were not covered during the segment, due to their graphic nature.

When police slammed my Client face-first into the lockers a metal key penetrated his eyelid, which is depicted by the cut on his upper right eyelid, in the picture and video below. The key then proceeded to lacerate his entire cornea and detach his retina. Then upon exiting his eye, the metal key took the innermost structures with it.

Therefore, the damage to these vital structures have rendered my Client permanently blind in his right eye, regardless of the amount of future surgeries that he could potentially undergo.

A link to the YouTube video, original video, and article are located below:


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