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Wes Ouchi Speaks to Fox11 News. Client's Case Triggers Felony Charges Against LAPD Officer.

Today I spoke to Fox11 News and Good Day LA about his Client's viral beating by LAPD Officers.

While the discussion mostly revolves around the misconduct of the male Officer who was repeatedly striking my homeless Client, under the Federal Civil Rights Act, his female partner, who was standing there, is just as culpable since she had a duty to intervene and stop this police brutality. All police officers have a duty to intervene and stop another officer misconduct that they witness.

As you can see, this female office failed to ever intervene and stop her male partner from reining down blows to this homeless man's head. As a result, under the Federal Civil Rights Act, she is as culpable as her male partner here.

A link to the news segment and article are located in the link below:


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