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Wes Ouchi Appears on Prime Time Television to Discuss his Client's Case Against Hawthorne Police

This was my first time speaking to reporters at Univision which has quickly become one of my favorite news stations! Univision is one of the largest providers of Spanish language media content in the world and the news segment was aired nationwide on prime time television.

When speaking to different stations about my various cases, it is always interesting to discover which issues they believe that their viewers find to be the most compelling. More than any other station covering this case, Univision highlighted the graphic nature of my Client's injuries.

Univision did not sugar coat any part of this case! To me, this would indicate that their nationwide prime time audience prefers the brutal honest truth when it comes their news and Univision is dedicated to giving it to them! I would gladly speak to Univision again in the future!

I highly recommend taking a look at this new segment and article which are located below:


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