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Wes Ouchi Speaks to NBC About Hawthorne Officers' Excessive Force Resulting in Client's Blindness

This afternoon I spoke with NBC and Telemundo regarding my Client's claim against the City of Hawthorne. It is always really fun speaking to NBC and Telemundo. They once again did a great job on the news segment! However, as is the mission of our blog, I like to discuss the additional details that did not make it into the original news segments.

Particularly, the Officer who is alleged to have blinded my Client was recently sued for tasering, "stun gunning," and choking an innocent "deaf" man who was using sign language. While the City paid a decent amount of money to settle his lawsuit, this Officer was allowed to remain on duty where he eventually blinded my Client in his right eye. A link to the YouTube video, original video, and article are located below:

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