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Wes Ouchi Appears on The Tucker Carlson Show to Discuss his Juvenile Client's Case Against LA County

This afternoon I appeared on The Tucker Carlson Show to discuss his sixteen (16) year old Client's lawsuit against the County of Los Angeles where doctors and nurses, at the County Juvenile Hall, had forced him to take estrogen while he was in custody.

This was one of the most unexpected, memorable, fun experiences that I have ever had! I really love seeing how television news is made behind the scenes! Let me tell you, it is very rapid and being coordinated, in real time, all over the country!

Also, if I look a little strange during the interview, its because I was having difficulty hearing out of my ear piece; I was facing a TV screen that is sitting above a camera which is 5-7 seconds slower than the audio coming through your ear piece; and I think that I was told to wrap it up by the producers at the end.

I absolutely loved this experience! A link to the YouTube video is located below:


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