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Wes Speaks to CBS and KCAL9 About his Homeless Client's Beating and Historic Charges Against Officer

This afternoon I spoke with CBS and KCAL9 regarding my Client's beating by LAPD Officers and the historic criminal charges against an LAPD Officer.

A part of the lawsuit that did not make it into this news segment is the impact that it is having on the race for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office between DA Jackie Lacey and Challenger George Gascon.

Lacey has been largely criticized for her Office's failure to hold police officers accountable for their actions. This approach has landed her in the "hot seat" with challenger, George Gascon, proposing an overhaul of the LADA's Office.

In fact, George Gascon has publicly taken the position that this LAPD Officer, who was captured on video beating my Client, should be criminally prosecuted, which is a sentiment that appears to be largely well-accepted by the community of Los Angeles.

In response, it appears that DA Jackie Lacey's Office has moved forward with criminal charges, in a historic move that constitutes the first time she has ever elected to prosecute an LAPD Officer, and has in fact done so in record time too!

This lawsuit has directly influenced the race for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office which will have broad-ranging implications on the landscape of civil rights as we know it in California!

A link to the Youtube Video, original video, and article are located below.


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