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Wes Speaks to Fox11's Investigative Team About LAPD Beating His Homeless Client Wearing Rams Jersey

Today I spoke to Fox11's Investigative Reporting Team regarding my homeless Client's beating by LAPD while he was wearing a Ram's Jersey. A few points that I did not get a chance to discuss in the interview.

It appears that the LAPD might be attempting to argue that LA Rams football jersey that my homeless client was wearing had signify to the Officer that this homeless man was in a criminal street gang and that the Officer should be in fear for his safety which is the reason that he repeatedly beat this unarmed, non-resisting man.

This argument not only lacks credibility, it is inherently racist. Would the LAPD be arguing that the Officer was in reasonable fear for his safety due to the football jersey, if this homeless man happen to be white, Caucasian. We all know the answer is, "no."

A link to the news segment and article are located below:


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