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Wes Ouchi Speaks to Telemundo About His Teen Client Being Beat and Stomped By Baldwin Park Police

This afternoon I spoke to Telemundo regarding my Teen Client's lawsuit against Baldwin Park Police Department in which he was allegedly beat and stomped by officers during an arrest at the scene, while being placed in the back of a police cruiser, and later at the police station. These Officers no longer work for Baldwin Park and are currently being investigated by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office for criminal charges.

This was a tremendous effort by Telemundo. It was 106 degrees outside and they met us for an interview at a park in Montebello, on such short notice, which was located close to my Client's workplace, during her lunch break. This was the reason that they were not able to report live from either the City Hall or police station, which is what they normally would have done.

However, I actually really liked the green park and scenery in the background. It gave this segment a different look that what we are used to seeing with news segments about police misconduct and it allowed more face time for the Clients. I have to hand it to the reporters at Telemundo. They really go the extra mile by traveling to the story and bringing you the news live.

A link to the original news segment, video, and article is located below.


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