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Wes Ouchi Speaks to Telemundo Regarding his Client's Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Hawthorne

In this post, I would like to briefly discuss the disproportionate impact that police misconduct has on Latino communities, which appears to be the reason that Telemundo often reports on our most important cases.

Many Latino communities disproportionately face several socioeconomic difficulties which affect their crime rates, safety, wellbeing, stress, health outcomes, and access to necessary community resources.

Incidents of police misconduct not only cause many Latinos to feel that they cannot depend on law enforcement to address these same concerns and problems, but that police are an additional hazard, danger, and obstacle to be avoided.

In order to address many of the socioeconomic problems affecting many Latino communities, local governments needs to also address the issue of police misconduct, which are perpetuating these concerns, rather than solving them.

Accordingly, you cannot address one without the other. If we are going to improve the socioeconomic problems affecting Latino communities, it is imperative that we stop police misconduct within these communities.

A link to the news segment, original article, and video are located below.


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